​...are you falafeling at falafel king?
Let Falafel King transport you to another world with it's unique & original
tastes from the Middle East 
  1. Royal Breakfast
    Green herb omelette, with optional sautéed mushrooms. Fried aubergine with tahini, labane, hummus foulle, chopped salad with feta, olives and home made jam with an Abunoor challah roll. Hot drink of choice included.
  1. Falafel, Pitta/Laffa
    Falafel in pitta or laffa with salad & sauces
  2. Sabich, Pitta/Laffa
    Aubergine, hard boiled egg, salad & sauces in pitta
  3. Green herb omelette Pitta/Laffa
    A mixed herb omelette with salad & sauces in pitta
  4. Halloumi Pitta/Laffa
    Flash fried halloumi with salad & sauces in pitta
  5. Falloumi Pitta/Laffa
    Combination of falafel & halloumi, hummus, salads & sauces
  6. Vegan Shawarma
    Vegan shawarma marinaded with Middle Eastern flavour, salad & sauces
  1. Falafel w/pitta
    Falafel w/tahina, hummus & salad
  2. Sabich w/pitta
    Aubergine w/tahina, hard boiled egg, hummus & salad
  3. Green herb omelette w/fries
    Green herb omelette, salad & fries
  4. Shakshuka w/pitta
    Shakshuka with aubergine & feta cheese w/pitta
  5. Vegetable Tagine
    Vegetable tagine served with couscous & salad
  6. Spinach & Feta Frittata
    Home made spinach & feta frittata, hummus & salad
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All plates are topped with olive oil & fresh lemon juice, served with pitta
   Add falafel for 50p
  1. Hummus topped with Tahina
    Hummus plate topped with tahini & parsley
  2. Hummus topped with tabuleh salad
    Hummus plate topped with tabuleh salad
  3. Hummus topped with sautéed mushrooms
    Hummus plate topped with hot sautéed onions and mushrooms
  4. Hummus topped with foulle Medamas
    Hummus plate topped with hot fava beans, hard boiled egg & parsley
  5. Hummus plate
    Hummus plate topped with hot chickpeas
  6. Hummus topped with vegan shawarma
    Hummus topped with vegan shawarma, olive oil & fresh mint
  1. Druze salad
    Cucumber, tomato, onion, pepper, red cabbage, lettuce, parsley, mint, chopped & dressed with olive oil & lemon. served atop a laffa bread w/ labane cheese and zatar.
  2. Sabich salad
    Hot chickpeas, grilled aubegine, potato, hard boiled egg, mixed leaves, cucumber, tomato, onion and coriander. Served with falafel balls, dressed with olive oil, lemon and tahini.
  3. Batata salad
    Baked sweet potato, mixed leaves, red cabbage, peppers, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, coriander topped with mixed seeds, feta, carrot chips, olive oil &lemon dressing.
  4. Halloumi salad
    Fried halloumi, sautéed mushrooms w/ parsley, on a bed of mixed leaves, cabbage, carrot, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, dressed with mint and lemon.
  5. Fattoush salad
    Pitta croutons, cucumber, tomato, pepper, onion, radish, parsley, mint, topped with grated feta, olive oil & lemon.
  6. Falafel Super Salad
    Quinoa, pepper, peas, broccoli, beetroot, fava beans, chickpeas, pomegranate, topped with parsley, mint & falafel balls. Dressed with tahini.
  7. Shawarma Darzi
    Vegan Shawarma on an AbuNoor flatbread, tahini & mango pickle sauce, topped with a fresh seasonal salad
  1. A choice of...
    Hot: Falafel, Pitta chips, Flash fried broccoli, Fried halloumi, Fried aubergine w/tahina, foulle medamas Cold: Vine leaves, Olives, Red cabbage salad, Mixed veg salad, Tabuleh, Couscous, Moroccan carrots, Beetroot, Hummus. Babaganoush, Tagine.
  1. Perfect for couples or groups!
    Pick and choose your dishes and fill your table with many unique flavours. The more dishes you purchase the cheaper it is per dish.
Try Something Different...
And eat with your hands!

  1. Classic Malawah
    Fried pastry pancake served with fresh grated tomato sauce, matbuha, a hard boiled egg, olives and pickles
  2. Malawah Ziva
    Fried pastry pancake filled with feta & spinach, served with fresh grated tomato sauce, matbuha, olives & pickles
  3. Hatzil Temani 🌶
    Fried pastry pancake filled with aubergine & schug, served with fresh grated tomato sauce, olives & pickles
Choice Of Beverages
We have a fantastic choice of beverages to suit you.
Alcoholic & non-alcoholic.
Free Chilled water with a meal on request.
Dont forget to checkout the bar downstairs in The Khan.

Delicious Authentic Unique

We take pride in every aspect of the Falafel King experience.
All our cuisines are made with the freshest ingredients & prepared from original recipes
to give the most authentic taste.
Mixed with our special unique decor that you will not find anywhere else in the city,
you will be transported into another world.

The Middle East is a group of countries that range from North Africa though Asia. The food of each region is unique, as it tells a story of the past. You will find that many dishes are similar in Middle Eastern cooking, yet the recipes may taste quite different.
The recipes native to each region differ based on the availability of ingredients from the area. It all depended on what was traded in the region and what was offered at the marketplace. In essence, Middle Eastern food today is defined by its past in agriculture & culture.
Although Middle Eastern cuisine has gained immense popularity throughout the world, many people’s experience of the region’s food remains limited to a standard, Westernised menu. However, for those who wish to open their minds and treat their taste buds, we offer you the 'real middle eastern cuisines' from the original recipes.